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The musings of a bored coyote.

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Hi! I'm Towyn! A playful lil coyote pup living in the state of Georgia. ^_^

My character is Towyn, a curious young coyote puppy. He's somewhat domesticated but not entirely. He will chase a tennis ball and wear a collar but still enjoys play hunting and pouncing 'prey'. He likes howling and yipping and generally enjoys annoying wolves, because he still has yet to realize that they're his natural predators in the wild.

Been in the fandom for about 6 years now and lived most my life in Florida and recently left the sunshine state for Marietta, GA.

I'm a fursuiter and attend several cons around the year. Pretty easy to spot, I'm the tiny 'yote with the one white foot. I'm really easy going and friendly so don't be afraid to say hi and introduce yourself. I love making new friends.
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